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Most Common Questions

How long will it be before I receive my Skinbright order?

SkinBright is normally shipped from our fulfillment center within 1-2 business days of your order via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. Packages normally arrive within 3-5 days after it leaves our fulfillment center. Your SkinBright package should arrive at your door within 4-7 business days from your date of ordering. If you do not receive your package within that time frame and you are a US customer, please contact us by clicking here. contact us by clicking here. Make sure you have your order # from your receipt handy.

Is there anything I should use WITH SkinBright for optimum results?

In addition to a quality moisturizer we strongly recommend a sunscreen SPF 25 or greater. It is important that you limit your exposure to the sun.

Can I combine SkinBright with other creams or applications?

You can still use other products such as moisturizers, sun blocks, wrinkle creams, etc, in conjunction with SkinBright as part of a overall skin care program. We recommend waiting at least ten minutes before applying any other skin product over SkinBright. This will allow time for your skin to absorb the cream for maximum results. Consult your dermatologist for more specific skin care programs tailored to your skin type.

Can makeup be used with SkinBright?

Yes. Makeup is fine, as long as you give your skin time to absorb the SkinBright cream. We reccommend allowing ten minutes for the cream to be absorbed before applying make up.

How big is the SkinBright bottle?

SkinBright comes in a large 50ml bottle. That’s about 1.7 ounces. The actual bottle itself, as pictured on the front page, stands about 6 inches tall.

How should I store SkinBright?

SkinBright is distributed in an airless dispenser. What this means is that it does not expose the ingredients to air in order to dispense SkinBright. This translates into much longer shelf life and preservation of the product itself, so the ingredients remain effective. This means that as long as you are using the product and not storing it, no special conditions are required. If you are storing for a year or longer we suggest refrigeration. We also strongly suggest that SkinBright not be stored in exceptionally hot conditions (above room temperature) as this will degrade the quality and effectiveness of the product over time.

How long does a bottle last?

Under normal usage conditions, our large 1.7 ounce bottle will last one to one and one half months. This is assuming that you’re using one full pump for an area the size of your face and neck. The bottle will last considerably less time when used over larger parts of your body. You should consider this when ordering as we offer huge discounts for multiple bottle purchases.

Can I use SkinBright on any part of my body?

Under most conditions, you can use SkinBright anywhere on your body as well as the face, neck, hands, or underarms. The ingredients are gentle enough for most individuals. SkinBright is for external use only, and is not recommended for use in “private” areas.

Is SkinBright effective for all skin types?

Yes, the active ingredients in SkinBright have been found to be effective for all skin types and ethnicities.

Can anyone use SkinBright?

SkinBright can be used by all skin types and ethnicities, but it is recommended for adults, and not recommended for children under 13 years of age.

Can I use SkinBright while I'm pregnant or nursing?

No. We recommend that SkinBright is only used by women when they are not pregnant or nursing. SkinBright’s safety when used by pregnant or nursing women has not been determined.

Is SkinBright safe for long term use?

We suggest that with SkinBright, as with any skin care product, you consult with a licensed dermatologist or medical professional prior to long term use.

Does SkinBright have any side effects?

SkinBright was formulated to be extremely gentle and can be used without problems by most people, but everyone’s skin is different. There’s a small chance that you may have an allergic reaction to SkinBright. Begin use in a small, non conspicuous area first and discontinue use if you have an allergic reaction. Please report all allergic reactions to our hotline at 813-990-0956.

Can I use SkinBright to brighten the overall appearance of my skin?

With continued use, it’s possible to lighten the overall appearance of your skin. However, your natural pigmentation is the bodies defense against harmful sun exposure and could cause increased sensitivity. Avoid sun exposure.

How should I store SkinBright?

SkinBright’s advanced formula is particularly sensitive to light. We have included a light shielding pouch with your SkinBright bottle. We strongly suggest storing your SkinBright in this pouch when it is not in use. This will assure that your SkinBright will stay as fresh and effective as the day you purchased it!

Do you test on animals?

SkinBright does not, and will never, test your products on animals. All of our products are cruelty free. Our aim is to provide you with the finest, all natural, skin care products, created through responsible manufacturing processes, and environmentally sensitive methods.

I received the wrong item. Who do I contact?

Our fulfillment center strives for perfect service on a daily basis. However, in very rare circumstances, mistakes may occur. If you have been shipped the wrong item, please accept our apologies and contact us by clicking here. Please contact us within 7 days of receipt. We will exchange the item and cover any associated shipping costs for the return.

It has been 4 weeks and I have not received my package. What now?

No need to worry. Your order can easily be tracked thru our state of the art system. Simply locate your order #. It will be included in the receipt we emailed you when you purchased. contact us, let us know about the problem, and give us your order number. We will track your order within our system and contact you regarding its status ASAP.

What is SkinBright's cancellation policy?

While SkinBright has a liberal return policy, we are unable to issue refunds after an order has been placed because of system limitations. Once an order is placed through our system, the credit card used is immediately charged electronically. The order is then processed and sent to our fulfillment center for shipping. This speedy process does not allow for refunds to be processed postsale and packages intercepted before shipping. Please order carefully. Should you decide to return your package returns are processed thru our RMA system. To request an RMA please follow the instructions on our returns page.. Make sure you have your order number handy. your order number is on your receipt that was emailed to you when you placed your order. Its important that you follow our return policies carefully. Packages that are refused on delivery will not qualify for a refund.

How secure is Skinbright.Com's ordering process?

Our state of the art online ordering system uses the latest SSL technology to safeguard your information. All of our order processing and shopping cart pages are secure. You can see your order is secure by the https at the beginning of the URL in your address bar.

How do I contact customer service about my order?

You can contact customer service easily by clicking here and using our online contact form. We can normally get back to you within 48 hours (Mon through Fri).

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