Real Success Stories, From Real People!

SkinBright has some great success stories, from users all over the world! Here are just a few, picked from many satisfied SkinBright reviews.

Hello, My name is Lauren from Miami, Florida, and I’ve been using SkinBright now for 3 months. Prior to using SkinBright, I had splotches on my arms and on my legs, from sun exposure. I did try a couple products to try to get them to go away and none of them did work until I did try SkinBright. I used SkinBright… after the first month I saw the spots on my arms starting to blend away and after the third month now I can’t see them at all. I feel more confident now. I remember looking back at pictures and actually seeing the spots in pictures and now they’re all gone, so I thank you so much SkinBright and recommend it to anyone!

Courtesy of Lauren

Miami, FL

“Hi, My name is Jim, I’m from Bakersfield, California. I’ve always had problems with freckles, especially when I’ve been out in the sun. I started using SkinBright about 3 months ago, with a strong sunscreen, and it’s been amazing how much they’ve been reduced. My mom noticed right away when I got back from college. She said I had a lot less freckles than the last time I came home to visit. I would recommend SkinBright to anyone with annoying freckles that they want to get rid of. Thanks, SkinBright!”

Courtesy of Jim

Bakersfield, CA

“My name is Morufat. I’m from Queens, New York. SkinBright has been so good to my skin. I’ve been using SkinBright for 4 weeks now to get rid of my discoloration after pregnancy. My results have been so wonderful. My skin is flawless and radiant. My friends have seen my results, especially my mother, who has just ordered a set of SkinBright. SkinBright has made me more comfortable with my skin. Thanks to SkinBright!”

Courtesy of Morufat

Queens, NY

“Hi, this is Amber from Woodbury, New York. I’ve been using SkinBright for the last 2 months. After my pregnancy, I had dark sports on my cheeks, and within two months, I’ve noticed almost the whole dark spots have vanished all over my skin. I still have a little bit, but it’s a big big difference. I have much more self confidence. My husband’s been noticing the difference and I feel pretty again. That’s the main thing. I feel much, much better about myself.”

Courtesy of Amber

Woodbury, NY

“I’m so thankful for SkinBright! Hi, My name’s Alicia and I’m from Antelope, California. I’ve been using SkinBright for two months now. I began using SkinBright because I’d developed freckles on my face as a result of tanning and tanning beds. After one month of use, I began to notice my face was becoming brighter. However, after two months, my freckles were beginning to fade to a lighter pigmentation. Everyone’s taken notice from coworkers to family and friends and even my mother noticed a subtle, yet dramatic change. All I can say is it’s given me my confidence back. I’m so thankful for SkinBright for making me feel more confident.”

Courtesy of Alicia

Antelope, CA

“This stuff’s pretty amazing! Hi, my name is Michael, living in Austin. I’ve been using SkinBright for about one month already and this stuff’s pretty amazing. The reason I started using it initally was because of years of – I was just sun damaged from being in the sun often. I’m a pretty athletic person, just always playing sports outside, running outside, doing stuff like that, and unfortunately not wearing sunscreen like I should have, so as you can tell, it’s lots of sun damage. Since I’ve been using the SkinBright lotion, the results have been pretty amazing. My skin’s lighter, firmer, it feels healthier, and friends have even noticed that my skin’s healthier – they’ve been asking what kind of moisturizer I use because my skin just looks a little more brighter than usual and it makes me feel that much better about my appearance. I’m just very happy with this product!”

Courtesy of Michael

Austin, TX

“Hello, My name is Elisa and I’m from San Marcos, California. I think SkinBright is amazing. I have been using SkinBright for one month now for the dark scars on my arms and legs and the results have been amazing. The dark scars have been dramatically lightened. My family members have definitely noticed how the ugly scars have improved and they are always asking me what I did to improve my skin and I’m always telling them how SkinBright is great and I feel really happy how others notice how my skin has changed and I’m definitely more confident now. Thank you, SkinBright, for this great product!”

Courtesy of Elisa

San Marcos, CA

“Hi, My name is Esther. I’m from Queens, New York. I had a problem with melasma after giving birth to my three beautiful kids. I’ve been using SkinBright about two months now. Since using SkinBright, I’ve seen a drastic change on my face. My self esteem and confidence has changed so much. Thanks to SkinBright. I will definitely recommend SkinBright. It’s the best!”

Courtesy of Esther

Queens, NY

“Hello, My name is Sasha and I’m from Lansing, Michigan, and I have been using SkinBright for 3 months, and within the first week, I noticed that my skin was just more brighter. And then within the next 3 weeks, because I was suffering from acne and when my acne would go away, there would be brown marks and within 3 weeks of using SkinBright, my acne marks were almost gone and I was just really amazed. SkinBright is amazing. It has worked for me. A lot of people have noticed. My grandma has noticed – She told me that my skin looks so much better than how it used to be and I’m really happy that I have found a wonderful product. If you’re suffering from hyperpigmentation or you just want a brighter complexion, SkinBright is a great product. So you guys should try it!”

Courtesy of Sasha

Lansing, MI

“My name is Kalvin, I’m from Ocala, Florida. I used to have dark skin spots on my neck and lower back. I’ve been using SkinBright for about two months now and I can see a whole difference on my back and on my neck, and even my family members have noticed the difference and they’ve been asking what I’ve been using because they suffer from the same condition and they want to know what it is. My self esteem has gone up 100% more and I feel a lot more confident about my skin right now. So, I would recommend SkinBright to everybody. It’s a great product.”

Courtesy of Kalvin

Ocala, FL

“Hi, My name is Lawrence. I live in Silver Spring, Maryland. I had been using SkinBright because it doesn’t contain any hydroquinone and has all natural and safe ingredients. After using SkinBright, my acne scars which I had before have all faded away, revealing a healthy glowing complexion. I have gotten compliments from all my friends. That made me feel very good and has skyrocketed my confidence level. So, SkinBright works!”

Courtesy of Lawrence

Silver Spring, MD


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